Custom Truck Tiers

Q: Ok, one last question, I saw a picture if this really cool truck, can you do a custom truck?
A: Yes and No, If its a brand new truck that is not listed in the store then I will not be able to, as I have too many projects already going.  Now if the base truck is already in the store I can do mods to the existing truck.


You will need to contact me directly, It will be best to provide a picture of the prototype you want so I have a reference as to what you want.  It will cost extra as most these will be a one of a kind model. There are three price tiers to this and I will explain the pricing in another page.

Tier #1, Base truck + $5.00 this includes three of the following... resizing the frame, Swapping out a couple of parts (example, Swapping out the regular stacks for fat stacks or changing it from a double axle to a single drive axle and vice versa ) or Adding a couple of parts (like adding a headache rack or equipment boxes to the frame) or changing the type of wheels.

Excludes  parts from the chrome shop (Turbo wing, 36/63in mercury sleeper or the Double Hump and full truck fenders)and adding additional axles beyond converting it from single drive to tandem drive.


Tier #2, Base truck +  $10.00 this includes all what you can do in tier #1 as well as three more small changes that includes one additional axle or one item that can be selected from the chrome shop.


Tier #3, Base truck +  $15.00, this includes all from tier 1 and 2, and add second axle to the truck or item from the chrome shop plus you can do one of these two things.. a major Mod to the cab (Like making a daycab from a truck with an integrated cab) or making a bespoke part for this truck (Like an super sleeper or a drom)


As far as custom paint jobs go, I Won't be doing any for the foreseeable future.