FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are currently taking orders, we will just be ablet to send them out until after we get back on Nov. 3. Thank you for your understanding.


Q: Do your trucks come assembled and painted?
A: No, they are all simple kits that include the truck main body/chassis, the wheelsets with axles, and sometimes an optional part such as a wind deflector or headache rack. Sometimes I may have to purchase a different resin and some models may come in a different resin color. But I will usually keep it some shade of grey.

Q: Ok, have received my models, Do I need to soak the models in any special chemicals like bestine or simple green?
A: No, unlike a popular printing service that is on the net, there is no need to soak your models when you get them.

Q: How do I remove the models from their base?
A: I use a pair of small flush cut wire cutters similar to these...https://xuron.com/index.php/main/consumer_products/3/14
You'll want to be careful as some of the thinner parts can be a little fragile.

Q: OOPS! I broke a piece off how can I fix it?
A: You can use CA (super glue), Epoxy, or if you can find it, a UV Cure resin adhesive like Bondic (This is actually the same stuff the model is made from)

Q: Ok, now I have it off the base and there are some dimples and some small pieces of support still on the model. Can these be sanded smooth?
A: Yes, this UV Resin sands quite well. I use some cheap Wet/Dry sandpaper that I buy from Harbor Freight.

Q: Say, what are these small ridges on the tops of these models? Can I sand them smooth?
A: Those are the layers line from the printing process.  No matter how thin a layer I make, I can't eliminate the layer lines in the print, I do try to minimize those lines as much as possible and still keep the model easy to package.. If you are careful though you can sand them smooth. I tend to leave them because once the paint is on and its at the proper viewing distance, you'll have a hard time seeing them.

Q: Ok, got things smoothed out, how should I go about prepping the models for paint?
A: Same way you would with a plastic model. A bit of water and a detergent to get dust and fingerprints off.

Q: On to the paint booth. What Paint can I use on these models? Do I need to prime them?
A: Using a primer on your model is always a good Idea as it gives the model an even color and promotes paint adhesion. It also can show any mistakes or imperfections in the model, which you can fix before laying down paint. As far as what paint to use? Sky's the limit really, I haven't found a type of paint that attacks the resin. Personally though, I use Acrylics like Tamiya, Model Master, or Createx.

Q: Finishing up, are there any details you would add to make the trucks look better?
A: Windshields, My method is to buy a small pack of transparency sheets for overhead projectors. You can get a couple of hundred windows from one 8.5x11 in sheet. Cut a piece out to the size you need and install using canopy glue. Another thing you can do is add a bit of chrome shine to some pieces like the wheel rims, bumpers, and exhaust stacks. My method is to use a product called Molotow Liquid chrome paint pens. You can apply it direct from the pen or use a small paintbrush like I do (cleans up with alcohol) to get the small details and wheel rims.  After the paint has dried for about 24hrs (including the liquid chrome) you can highlight the truck grilles and wheel rims with an ink wash or you can use what I use, Tamiya's Black Panel Line Accent color.

Q: Ok, one last question, I saw a picture if this really cool truck, can you do a custom truck?
A: Yes and No, If its a brand new truck that is not listed in the store then I will not be able to, as I have too many projects already going.  Now if the base truck is already in the store I can do mods to the existing truck. You will need to contact me directly, It will be best to provide a picture of the prototype you want so I have a reference as to what you want.  It will cost extra as most these will be a one of a kind model. There are three price tiers to this and I will explain the pricing in another page.